I’m Olle, a Swedish photographer, content creator, plant enthusiast, and experiential entrepreneur.

I’ve long been drawn to sharing sensory pleasures – documenting the beauty of people and nature with my camera, adorning lifeless spaces with green, exploring the exhilarating world of fragrances, bringing the flavours of Brazil to Sweden...

My background is in journalism, and my photographic works have been included in several books, magazines, and exhibitions. Being a digital nomad, I’ve also had the pleasure of living in and working from Phnom Penh and São Paulo.

My experience is broad and varied; I’ve volunteered for a number of community organisations, worked with big commercial brands, and just about everything in between. 

I’m now branching out (pun only slightly intended), with a mission to deliver beauty to those who desire it.

Have I sparked your curiosity? I invite you to get in touch!