A growing collection of personal projects.


Aside from being a photographer, I also really love green plants! So much so that I've started a Plant Consultancy business. And I take lots of pictures of plants, follow @upleafting on Instagram! 

Tapioca Carioca

In 2016, I started the Brazilian pop-up restaurant Tapioca Carioca together with my cousin-in-law. We saw a lack of Brazilian food in Stockholm, so we took it to the streets. Appearing mostly in markets around the city, but also doing catering, we managed to become quite big. The company is now on a break, since we no longer live in the same city.

last opinion

Last Opinion is my sporadic photo project exploring the fragility of the muscular male body, mainly in natural surroundings. Click above to see more, and follow @lastopinion on Instagram for more updates.  

xcentric xmas

When I created Xcentric Xmas I hadn't done much indoors portrait photography before and wanted to try it out. So I built a studio at home and began to style my models in odd Christmas looks... Click on the picture to see a selection from the project.