Some of the stuff I do. Please get in touch for pricing.
If you can't find the service you're looking for here, we can discuss your request together. 


pregnancy photos

A lot of friends and family have been asking me to do pregnancy shoots, so here they are! If you or someone you know is pregnant, get in touch and we can tailor a photoshoot that's just right for your needs and taste. 


Commercial photography

I can elevate your brand or product to the next level. I've already had the pleasure of working with several inspiring companies and organisations, such as Adobe and Greenpeace. See more in my client list. For these shoots I work with hourly/daily fees.


content creation

If you don't have a content team for your social channels, I can be the one to create the content for you. Maybe you'd like more material for your Instagram account? Look no further,
get in touch now!


tourism destinations

From São Paulo and Copenhagen, to Phnom Penh and Tel Aviv, I've been travelling the world for as long as I can remember. If you represent a tourism board/company and want me to travel somewhere to promote that destination, I'm up for it. Let's go on adventures together! 


Portrait session

Eternalize your look. In just a couple of hours you can have lots of amazing pictures to post on your social media channels or for printing purposes.  


prints & Digital copies

If you like any of my existing photos and would like to purchase them as prints or as digital copies, we can discuss that further. The price varies depending on the size and what you'll use the picture(s) for.