upleafting company

I confess. I have been a plant addict since 2014. I guess it started with a Monstera deliciosa, and it was all downhill from there. However, compared to other addictions this one is actually proven to be really good for you!  

According to several studies, the presence of plants can help lower blood pressure, raise productivity and increase creativity. Caring for plants is also considered to be therapeutical and calming. Some plants can even purify the air we breathe! 

But many offices, restaurants and other spaces are severely lacking plants. For this reason, I decided to start Upleafting Company. Get in touch and I can help you get your jungle groove on!


plant consultancy

Are you in doubt about which plants would fit your space? Maybe you need help buying them and getting fitting pots, or perhaps you're in desperate need of some plant care advice? In any case, I'll help you out with the plant related questions and needs you might have.

Let me know how I can help you.

I can also guide you with the placement and growth of your plants, including soil mixtures and watering.

Media mentions

Sometimes Upleafting Company is mentioned in the media, or featured by a magazine. 
I've also done a couple of interviews and other interesting guest appearances. More to be added soon!

 Four of my plant photos were featured in the book  Insta Grammar Green . 

insta grammar green

Lannoo Publishing reached out to me and wanted to feature four of my photos in their plant photo book, from the series Insta Grammar. The book has been mentioned by several sites, for example Vogue Australia and We Heart


  • I have one of the 10 best urban jungle accounts according to L'OrΓ©al.
  • Green Grow Blog did a post on some of my successful Begonia propagation.
  • Gustav at mentioned me as one of his favorite green insta accounts.
  • I'm one of Instagram's must follow men with plants according to Australian site The Leafy City.