Perfume week in Milano

Hi friends! I've been super busy lately, with commissioned freelance work, as well as traveling and having friends visiting from overseas. In the past couple of days, I've been in Milano for Esxence, a fantastic perfume fair. I encountered some really nice people, both professionals and perfume nerds, made new friends and eventually left with a bag full of samples and bottles (for a pre-flight visual, check my latest post on @scentrified!).

My favorites from the fair were: Regime des Fleurs (incredibly nice people and interesting scents, one of which was the biggest surprise of the fair to me, and they made me want to go to LA so bad!), Neela Vermeire Créations (Trayee and Bombay Bling are two new favorites that I might need to buy eventually), Nishane (their Pachúli-Kozha blew my mind, mostly because it was so damn potent! the house as a whole really peaked my interest, I'll need to sniff all of them soon) and last but definitely not least: Homoelegans, my favorite brand of all time. I ended up getting several of their bottles and now am only missing one (Ivre de Vie) from their collection. 

I was so high on all the fumes from the fair that I completely forgot to take any good photos, even though I was carrying around my camera four days in a row. But I did find this one shot of the entrance to the fair in my phone (they celebrated 10 years this year), something I must have taken before entering the scent haze.