...it's me.

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to... read my blog? Because I'll be blogging here quite regularly from now on. This blog will be a mix of all things that I do and enjoy. Sometimes I'll talk about paleo, sometimes about perfumes, or LGBTQ, or my travels. I'll put all posts in separate and clear categories so that they'll be easy to find if you're only interested in one or two subjects and don't want to scroll through other stuff. Many posts will of course be dedicated to Upleafting Company, and soon I'll be premiering some very cool content for all you plant hungry peeps out there!  

I'm off to Dublin tomorrow, but holler at me on either @olle_e or @upleafting if you wanna chat about something. And please don't forget to like Upleafting on Facebook. Until then, stay green!